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Rocio Benedicto, Ph.D

​Dr. Rocio Benedicto is a Mathematics Educator with the Institute for Math and Science Education (IEMSE) at New Mexico State University. She has been a teacher of English Language Learners for more than 20 years in K-12 and university classrooms in the United States as well as in Mexico and Russia. In the last 10 years her work has focused on assisting teachers in improving their mathematics instruction for English Language Learners in New Mexico through coaching, mentoring or modeling inquiry based lessons. As part of a statewide initiative to improve mathematics education in New Mexico she has successfully worked with districts to improve the outcomes for their math students, specifically the outcomes for English Language Learners in the math classroom. Additionally, she has instructed in New Mexico State University’s Teacher Education Program, Bilingual Education program and Educational Development of Learning Technologies program. In 2008, Dr. Benedicto was recognized as one of the National Science Foundation’s Promising Young Researchers and presented at many conferences in the United States and in Mexico in an effort to bring light to the issues and challenges that English Language Learners face in the math classroom.

*In November 2020, Dr. Rocio Benedicto passed away. Thank you for your work and devotion to social justice and education. 

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