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Professional Development Workshops

Let us work with you to design professional learning specific to your organization. Below are just a few examples of what we offer.


  • Structuring an elementary literacy day

  • ELA Anchor Standards

  • ELA Foundations Progression​​

  • Guided Reading Processes

  • Using Leveled Readers to differentiate instruction

  • Structured Literacy Practices

  • Explicit Instruction

  • Vocabulary


  • CCS Standards progression/alignment

  • Math Practices

  • Number Talks

  • Student Centered​

  • ​​Math Discussions that support Language Development​​

  • Using Developmental Stages of Understanding to Differentiate Math Instruction​


  • Strategies for Student Engagement

  • Establishing Positive Classroom Structures and Routines for Student Success

  • Understanding 5:1, Ratios of Interaction

  • Understanding a student-centered classroom

  • Seeking to Understand Workshops (Parents, Students and Teachers)

Educational Leadership

  • School Principal Onsite Coaching

  • Developing a Strong School Culture

  • Providing Effective Feedback

  • Data Driven Decision Making

  • Developing and Supporting School Structure

  • Collaborative Classroom Walkthroughs to look for opportunities to engage families in classrooms

  • Support with creating parent/community involvement plan

  • Development of systems to promote school improvement

  • Development/review of SAT process for the school

  • Development of plan to implement targeted interventions for students (RTI)

  • Support with monitoring progress of school goals

  • Support with establishing next steps based on goals

  • Review and analysis of school and classroom data

Instructional Coaching

  • Trust, Collaboration, Capacity Building Coaching Model Certification Training

  • Professional Growth through Video Reflection

  • Transformational Coaching


  • Sheltered Instruction Strategies to Support Content Understanding

  • Backward Planning Through the CCSS

  • Formative Assessment: Understanding and Strategies

  • Differentiation in the K-5 classroom

  • Deconstructing the CCSS ELA and Mathematics Standards

  • Vertical Alignment in Mathematics and ELA

  • Learning Labs

  • New Teacher Bootcamps (math and ELA)

  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC's)

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